Evaluation of your property

The Estimate is a keystone in the success of your project.

Proceeding with an evaluation on an online form may result in an incorrect price. An overvalued estimate will cause the owner to lose many months while an undervalued estimate will be done quickly but to the detriment of the owner.

Knowing the price of the real estate market in Grasse and its surroundings implies taking into account several elements such as:

  • The specific characteristics of the property
  • The environment of the property
  • Knowledge of current researches and trends for this type of property by buyers.

Because there are no 2 identical properties and in order to ensure the best expertise, we take the time to come to your home. The correct valuation of your property is essential to achieve the realization of your sales project with optimal conditions. Only a study carried out in situ makes it possible to determine a relevant value of the property.

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